Mopec Group


All Companies Within Mopec Group Shared The Same Mission & Vision
Empowering pathology and anatomy professionals with the leading platform of products and solutions for the advancement of diagnostic accuracy, safety, research, education, and the treatment of disease.


We are the only logical choice for pathology & anatomy professionals.

Guided by our mission to empower pathology and anatomy professionals, Mopec has been a premier provider of American-made medical equipment and laboratory products since our establishment in 1992. Committed to advancing diagnostic accuracy, safety, research, education, and the treatment of disease, we continually strive to deliver the industry’s leading platform of innovative products and solutions. Our unwavering dedication to excellence is underscored by the widespread installations within America’s premier healthcare institutions, a testament to our continuous pursuit of providing cutting-edge tools that significantly contribute to the progress and success of pathology and anatomy professionals worldwide.

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Mortech Manufacturing has been providing quality forensic pathology equipment and instruments to a wide range of facilities since 1985, serving the pathology, autopsy, necropsy, veterinary, morgue and mortuary industries. Mortech is a built-to-order stainless steel manufacturer with a hard-earned reputation as a market leader in our sector.

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